The meeting was called to order by Julie Abrahams at Adobe Bridge Club at 10:30 am. 

           Members:  Barry Abrahams, Julie Abrahams, Marge Curvin, Dave Douglas,  Don O’Bryan, Joan Merrill, Jan Miller, Lee Toomey, Laura Woods.            

           Absent:  Prudy Cain

Election of Executive Board:

          President: Julie Abrahams

          Vice President:  Marge Curvin

          Secretary:  Jan Miller

          Treasurer:  Lenore Toomey

Report of 2009 Officers: 

1.      Minutes of last meeting will be mailed to old board

2.      Treasurer’s Report:  Christie needs 3 signatures on our Bank of  America

checking account:  President, Treasurer, and Tournament Chairman.

The report was approved as presented.

3.      Gene McDougall, our District 17 representative, presented out tentative

Regional schedule for the coming 6 years, 2010-2015. Barry said that the

Regional tournaments are our biggest income source, and would like to see

Tucson host one every year, but as of now we will be hosting 4 for sure.


Committee Reports:

1.      Tournaments:  Barry said that our NLM Tournament will be expanded to 3 full days,  with Knock-Outs being added. The 2010 set up will be Don O’Bryan and Barry. 

Jerry Fleming, Past President of ACBL will be here in February for the Cactus Flower Tournament.  The Board will host a reception  for Jerry on Feb. 25th at

6:30, and we hope to see all board members in attendance.

                The April Sectional will be at the Holiday Inn on the 15-18th.

                The NLM Sectional will be held at Hotel Tucson, formerly Inn Suites.

2.      Club Manager:  Brenda will no longer serve as Club Manager

3.      Hospitality:  no report

4.      Membership:  no report

5.      Education:  Don will give a lecture on defense at the I/N in February.  Also, Van, Susan Driggers, Bob Hinkle, and Barbara Feeley will each give a talk.

6.      Publicity:  no report

7.      I/N: Laura will e-mail Club Presidents for e-mails of  I/N players

Appointment of New Committees:

1.      Assistant Tournament Director:  Marge Curvin

2.      By-Laws Chairman:  Laura Woods

3.      Conduct and Ethics: Dave Douglas, Jan Miller

4.      Partnership:  Jan Miller, Marge Curvin

5.      Hospitality:  Joan Merrill, Prudy Cain

6.      Sergeant at Arms:  Barry Abrahams

7.      Club Manager:  Don O’Bryan

New Business:

         Dick Augur: White Horse Ranch wants e-mail addresses to inform players of the New bridge club.  It was felt that this was outside the Unit boards business.

         Janet Andrews is interested in posting a I/N web site separate from the unit web site for information more directed to the I/N players.  Barry would like

          to discuss this further with her.

         There will be a party at Abrahams for the Old and New Board:  It will be a Potluck   in March

         Dave brought up the problem of slow play and would like to investigate what we  as a board can do alleviate this problem.  Further discussion will follow.

         Meeting was adjourned at 11:35.  Next meeting is February 7th at Las Candelas. 

         Respectfully Submitted,


         Jan Miller, Unit Board Secretary