Unit 356 Board of Directors

The Adobe Bridge Club

May 3, 2009

Meeting called to order @ 10:30AM by Prudence Cain

Present: Prudence Cain, Janet Andrews, Betty Compton, Christie Mc Dougall, Barry Abrahams, Marge Curvin, Don O’Bryan, Brenda Sondregger, Julie Abrahams, Bob Simrak

District 17 Representative: Gene McDougall

Minutes of the March Board meeting were presented, accepted by Christie McDougall, seconded by Barry Abrahams, voted and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Christie Mc Dougall presented the treasurers report for February and March. At the end of February the balance in the checking account was $16,430.83 with $24,230.79 in the savings account.  At the end of March the checking account balance was $19,246.76 and the savings account was $24,236.96. The report was accepted by Bob Simrak, seconded by Julie Abrahams voted and passed.

Report of Officers:

Vice President: None

District 17 Representative: None. Will be attending a District meeting in May.

Tournament Chair: See attached.

Don O’Bryan will be the representative from the Board of Directors on the Nominating Committee.

Club Manager: None

Hospitality: None

Membership: Has received In & Out report from Julie.

Education: None

Advertising: None

I/N Report:  Emailed 330 Newsletters. there are 673 I/N members. Still working on collecting email addresses. Emailed each club and requested that they tell players how to get the newsletter on line.

Next newsletter will be sent the first of July featuring the August Pro Am Swiss Team Event. Don O’Bryan and Marge Curvin will be assisting with that event.

There will be hard copy Newsletters in the clubs. Will be linked on Unit Web Site

New Business: Need more volunteers for tournaments. Mostly setting up.

Betty wanted to know why Board members were not wearing their name tags.

Budget for food at Unit games is $100.00.

Unit web site will be revised.

Given enough tables Unit wide events can be stratified, including the Pro-Am.

Julie Abrahams made a motion to change to 500/1500 stratification. Christie Mc Dougall seconded the motion, voted on with one dissenting vote and passed.


Meeting Adjourned @11:45

Next Board Meeting

June 14th

Las Candelas Bridge Club



Respectfully submitted,

Marge Curvin