Unit 356 Board of Directors Meeting

March 1, 2009

Las Candelas Bridge club


Meeting was called to order at 10:30 A.M. by President Prudy Cain

Present:  Barry Abrahams, Julie Abrahams, Prudence Cain, Betty Compton, Christie McDougall, Don O’Bryan, Bob Simrak, Brenda Sonderegger, and Janet Andrews

Absent: Marge Curvin

Report of Officers:


Minutes of the January 18, 2009 meeting were presented. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Bob Simrak. It was seconded, voted on and passed.

Treasurer’s Report. Christie McDougall presented the financial reports for January 2009. (See attached Cash Flow Statement and Reconciliation). Income for the month was $20,581.85, expenses were $16,845.90 with a closing checking account balance of $31,371.73. Savings account balance was $24,225.21. Motion to accept the report was made by Julie Abrahams. It was seconded, voted on and passed.

Vice President’s Report.  Julie Abrahams asked for corrections and made updates to the board of directors’ phone, email, and position list. She also passed out the board signup sheet for Unit Games and tournaments and asked for volunteers.

District 17 Representative Report.  No report

Report of Committees:


Tournaments: Barry Abrahams presented a report on the Cactus Flower I/N Regional held February 19 – 22 (see attached report). The number of tables was 307.5 up from 261 in 2008, however the net loss was $1,551.07 due to the prior banquet commitment made to the Holiday Inn. Several suggestions were made to improve the profitability and attendance for the next tournament.

Christy McDougall made a motion to purchase a P/A system for tournaments and other unit events.  The motion was seconded, voted on, and approved.

Club Manager: No report


Membership: Brenda Sonderegger presented the board with the invoice for the 2009 directory. The printer, Busy Bee, increased the price per book for the first 500 directories after the directories were printed, so Brenda is taking the responsibility of printing additional directories and the Errata sheet.

Education: Don O’Bryan reported that the training at the Cactus Regional was well received and that he sold several Swiss Team Tactics books. He volunteered to do training once a week, but not two times a week.

Publicity: Julie Abrabams passed around a flyer for the October 30 299er Sectional.

I/N Coordinator: Janet Andrews handed out a plan of activities (see attached report) for the year.

Unfinished Business

Barry Abrahams made a motion that the unit purchase a container for ease of moving the dealing machine to various locations. The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

New Business

Prudy Cain made a motion to nominate Barry Abrahams as chair of the Nominating Committee. The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.

Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be May 3 at Adobe.


Julie Abrahams made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded, voted on, and passed.


Respectfully Submitted,


Janet Andrews for Marge Curvin