ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING, September 7, 2008

Unit 356 Board of Director’s  Meeting


Adobe Bridge Club


Meeting was called to order by President Prudy Cain at 10:30 A.M.

Present: Bob Simrak, Betty Compton, Julie Abrahams, Prudy Cain, Christie Mc Dougall, Brenda Sonderegger, Barry Abrahams, Marge Curvin

District 17 Representative: Gene Mc Dougall

Absent: Ken Badertscher

1.       Report of Officers:


Minutes of the August meeting were presented by Secretary Marge Curvin. It was noted that Abrahams and Sonderegger were misspelled. So noted and corrections made.

Christie Mc Dougall noted that each motion should have a “passed” notation after being proposed and seconded. So noted and corrections made.

Minutes accepted by Betty Compton, seconded by Julie Abrahams and passed.


Treasurer’s report was presented by Treasurer Christie Mc Dougall.

 It was noted that Bob Simrak has been paid close to $500. in the fiscal year 2008. Should his compensation pass this amount, the Unit will have to issue Bob an IRS 1099 form. It was decided to spread the job of directing the Unit games to other directors. Christie and Gene Mc Dougall will make up a schedule. The Unit will continue to reimburse Bob Simrak for hand records. A motion was made by Marge Curvin to accept this proposal, seconded by Betty Compton and passed.

Treasurer’s report was accepted by Brenda Sonderegger, seconded by Barry Abrahams and passed.


Vice President’s report submitted by Julie Abrahams.

 A copy of the Unit’s 2009 calendar was circulated. Christie Mc Dougall made a motion to accept the calendar subject to approval at the club level, seconded by Barry Abrahams and passed.



District 17 Representative’s Report:  Gene Mc Dougall reported on the meeting held in Phoenix on August 23, 2008.

 Life Master Requirements will change for all players becoming members on January 10, 2010 or later.


The District will continue to pay for pre-duplicated boards for regular Regionals. We can contract directly with Dan if we want pre-duplicated hands for sectionals or I/N Regionals.


Club Directors can be suspended for a variety of reasons stemming from a problem with Directors changing the game rating if players were or were not scoring high percentage games.


Those were the highlights of the meeting.


2.       Report of Committee Chairpersons:


Tournament Chair: Barry Abrahams  reported there will be a slight reduction in Coffee, Tea service and $ saved will be put towards Sunday lunch which will be a Deli (sandwich) buffet. This change pertains to the upcoming September Sectional.


Great Chiefs Regional budget has been updated. Forum ad submitted will be in Sept/Oct issue. So far 32% of blocked rooms have been booked.


2010 Tucson Fall Sectional application for a Labor Day Date was objected to by El Paso, who holds a Sectional on that weekend. There is an open spot the week before Labor Day or a possibility of a November tournament.


2009 Flyers and Schedules for Tucson Winter Sectional, Cactus Flower I/N Regional and Tucson Spring Sectional have been approved by ACBL and the District.  All are posted on ACBL and Unit websites.


Hospitality:  Prudy Cain has covered thru the end of 2008.


Membership:  Brenda Sonderegger is in the process of cleaning out the membership list to be sure it is current.  Is working on new Membership Directory which should be out by early 2009.


I/N Representative:  Marge Curvin circulated a Fall Newsletter for I/N players listing club games, classes and Mentor program at The Adobe Bridge Club.


3.       Unfinished Business:


Disciplinary Chairpersons for Unit, Bob  Simrak and Brenda  Sonderegger.


Included in Notice Of Annual Meeting should be a copy of the proposal to increase the amount of points for the I/N Representative from 99 to NLM with points fewer than the minimum total points required  by ACBL to become a Life Master.  Motion proposed by Brenda Sonderegger, seconded by Christy Mc Dougall and passed.


Prudy Cain,  Ken Badertscher,  Marge Curvin,  Barry Abrahams  are up for re-election and should provide a 50 word bio and photo to Jodi Walker who is Chair of the nominating committee. Don O’Bryan and Joan Coil would like to run for the Board too.


4.       New Business:


Prudy Cain asked for nominations for a Good Citizen Award. Christy Mc Dougall nominated Bob Simrak and Brenda Sonderegger seconded, it was passed. A letter will be written by the Secretary and forwarded to the  appropriate person.


The next Board Meeting will be October 12 at The Adobe Bridge Club. Brenda Sonderegger  will be Host.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45