Unit 356 Board of Director’s Meeting

Adobe Bridge Club


Meeting called to order by President Prudy Cain at 10:30 A.M.

Present:   Bob Simrak, Prudy Cain, Brenda Sonderegger, Ken Badertscher, Julie Abrahams, Barry Abrahams, Betty Compton, Marge Curvin

Absent:   Christie Mc Dougall, Gene Mc Dougall

1.       Report of Officers:


Minutes of the September meeting were presented by Secretary Marge Curvin. Barry Abrahams noted that in the September Treasurers’ report it stated that an IRS 1099 would have to be issued to anyone earning $500.or more in any fiscal year. Barry Abrahams corrected the amount to $600.


Minutes accepted by Bob Simrak, seconded by Ken Badertscher and passed.


Treasurers’:  Report was not presented.


Vice President:  Julie Abrahams presented the completed 2009 Unit 356 calendar.  ACBL job description form filled out and filed. Julie Abrahams passed out form for the Board’s ACBL player numbers.


District 17 Representative: In lieu of Gene Mc Dougall, Barry Abrahams presented the District 17 report. Unit will be getting 524 bidding boxes from Colorado Springs for the regional.  ACBL membership up 7,000 members from the low.  Vicky Campbell new director of marketing for ACBL.  Table count down slightly.  Western conference November 2013 regional open, accepting applications. Our unit will apply.


Tournament Chair:  Tucson Fall Sectional lost approximately $260. versus the break even plan.

Table count was up 28 tables but down on Sunday. Extra food could not be cancelled. Tournament director’s fees were over plan due to larger turnout in the week.  Food/coffee costs were over plan. The unit will receive a $143.23 credit in the future for “Priority Club” points earned.

Great Chiefs status report: Room pickup is running 23% and 11% behind ’04 and ’07 respectively. This could mean attendance might be down 5-15%. The hospitality commitment appears to be too large for the expected turn out, also contracts were signed that do not lay out actual cost for food and coffee. The reported error in the District 17 sanction fee further impacts the financials for the tournament. There needs to be at least a 90% of our  planned turnout in the budget estimate to break even.


Hospitality Suite: Brenda Sonderegger made a motion to have a Hospitality Suite only if it falls within our hospitality commitment. Julie Abrahams seconded the motion and it passed.

Julie Abrahams made a motion that if there is to be a Hospitality Suite it be open to tournament “workers”. Directors, caddies, volunteers, Board members, District 17 representatives, ACBL officials and any spouses or significant others. Motion was seconded by Brenda Sonderegger and passed.


Caddie Master Brenda Sonderegger discussed the fact that as of today she does not have enough caddies. An announcement will be made for volunteers.


Club Manager: Bob Simrak: Nothing new to report


Hospitality: Prudy Cain:  November Unit Game will be Bob Simrak’s responsibility, December  will be Prudy Cain, Julie Abrahams and Betty Compton. January will be Ken Badertscher.


Membership: Brenda Sonderegger: New directory will be ready for distribution in January.


Education: Ken Badertscher:  Has purchased 45 copies of “Team Tactics” to be sold for $12.00.

Ken Badertscher will give a lesson 15-20 minutes prior to Pro-Am Swiss Teams game.


I/N Representative: Marge Curvin: Nothing new to report.


Unfinished Business: Prudy Cain passed out name badges. At today’s game the candidates for the Unit Board will be introduced. A vote will be taken to amend the requirements for the  I/N representative.


New Business:  Julie Abrahams thinks we have too many tournaments


Next Meeting on November 2, 2008 at Las Candelas Bridge Club. 10:30 A.M.


Julie Abrahams made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Barry Abrahams seconded the motion and it passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:20


Respectfully submitted, Marge Curvin, Secretary