Unit 356 Board of Directors Meeting

November 2,2008

Las Candelas Bridge Club


Meeting called to order at 10:35 by Prudy Cain, President.

Present:  Betty Compton,  Brenda Sonderegger,  Julie Abrahams,  Barry Abrahams, Prudy Cain, Marge Curvin.

Absent:  Christie Mc Dougall,  Ken Badetcher,  Bob Simrak.


Report of Officers:


Minutes of the October meeting were presented by Secretary Marge Curvin. Barry Abrahams pointed out a correction to the sentence, “ there needs to be at least 90% of budget estimate to break even”. It should read “there needs to be at least 90% of estimated attendance to break even”.

Julie Abrahams made a motion to accept the minutes, Brenda  Sonderegger second the motion,  it was accepted and passed.


Treasurer’s Report: For the second month no report was presented.


Vice President: Julie Abrahams had nothing new to report at this time.


District 17 Representative: Not present.


Tournament Chair: The final tally for the Tucson Fall Sectional was a net loss of $100.79.

Room pickup is still below our 2004 and 2007 regional room reservations.

Over 800 bags have been “stuffed” with pen, pencil, papoose patch, USBF patch and a schedule of events. A welcome letter for out of town guest has been prepared and will be given out at the Hotel Front desk upon arrival. A revised Restaurant list will be available at the registration desks. The Laredo Room has been reserved for Dan Williams on Monday, Thursday-Saturday for board duplication and book sales. There will be a complimentary room available for use by Board members, as needed. A Hospitality Suite will be available on Friday from 5P.M. until 7:30 P.M. for “workers” and D17 Officers. The hotel will cater if we need to use more of our minimum. Wine, beer and soft drinks will be made available by the unit. Wednesday November 12th will be the cutoff date based on Tournament turnout.

There will be coffee served morning, afternoon and evening. Monday evening there will be salsa and chips, Tuesday evening will be fruit plates, Wednesday is pizza night, Thursday will be Veggie plates, Friday there will be subs, Saturday fruit plates and Sunday will be a BBQ Chicken lunch.


Hospitality: The Christmas Pot Luck Party will be on December 14th at the Adobe Bridge Club.


January 4th there will be a Pro-Am Swiss Team Game at Las Candelas Bridge Club. Snacks will be provided by Christie Mc Dougall.


January 18th will be the Unit game with snacks provided by Marge Curvin.

There will be and a party in January at the Abrahams home to welcome new Board members.

No date has been set as yet.


Ballot Counting will be on November 22 at Adobe Bridge Club.


The Unit Board wishes to Thank the Nominating Committee for their work:

Jodi Walker: Chairperson

Joe Rosenbaum

Betty Compton: Board Member

Al Bowman

As per the Unit 356 By-Laws.


The next Business Meeting will be held January 18th, 2009 at Las Candelas.

Barry Abrahams made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Betty Compton, and passed. Meeting adjourned at 11:20.


Respectfully submitted by Marge Curvin, Secretary