ACBL Unit 356 Board Meeting Minutes


Date: 5/4/2008

Time: 10:30 A.M.

Adobe Bridge Club




Members Present: Prudence Cain, Julie Abraham, Dick Augur, Ken Badertscher, Marge Curvin, Betty Compton, Paul Moore, Bob Simrak, Brenda Sonderegger.


Absent: Jan Miller


Guests: Christy McDougall, Gene McDougall, Barry Abraham


The Meeting was called to order by President Prudence Cain at 10:30 AM


1.      Report of Officers:


Minutes of previous meeting were presented: Dick Augur stated that the place and time of the previous meeting was not on the minutes. So noted.

Minutes accepted by Marge Curvin, seconded by Brenda Sonderegger.



      Treasurers report presented by Christy McDougall.  Dick Augur asked for a

 more detailed report which Christy Mc Dougall provided. The Treasurerís report was accepted by Bob Simrak, seconded by Betty Compton.


Vice President Julie Abraham had no report at this time. She did suggest however that if you canít make the cleanup detail when it is your turn that you are responsible for a replacement.


Tournament Chairman Paul Moore gave a report on the last Sectional Tournament held at the Inn Suites. He was able to negotiate a $1200 reduction for the lack of lunches paid for and not provided. Dick Augur questioned the $1000 rolling credit on deposit at the Holiday Inn toward our next tournament. Dick Augur felt we should ask for the money to be put back in the Unit checking account. Paul Moore stated that the matter had been voted on some time ago by the Unit Board.

It was also noted that prizes, candy etc. for the November Regional is a district function.


I/N Representative Marge Curvin had nothing new to report.


Disciplinary Research Committee member Bob Simrak brought up the question as to the units authority as it pertains to Ethics and Conduct. A major infraction must be filed with the ACBLÖ. a minor infraction is a club function.


Prudence Cain announced that Steve Reynolds is resigning his position as Chairman of the Hospitality Committee effective July 31. Prudence asked for suggestions for a replacement.


Vice President Julie Abraham passed around for a vote on the new cover for our directory.


2.      New Business:


Barry Abrahams read the Unit By-Laws as it pertains to replacing a Unit Board Member. It was determined that Dick Augur was not legally voted onto the Unit Board. The position should have a majority vote of the members, Dick Augur was appointed without a vote taken. Julie Abraham made a motion that we should follow the same rules as are written in the By-Laws.


An Executive Meeting was called by Ken Baterscher for discussion on this matter. Meeting was closed to all but the Executive Members at 11:15 AM.


General meeting was re-opened at 11:30 AM. Bob Simrak made a motion to table the process until sign up sheets are posted in all Clubs, for a prospective member. The motion was accepted by Julie Abraham and seconded by Paul Moore.


Marge Curvin made a motion to follow the election process as written in the  Unit By-Laws. The motion was accepted by Betty Compton and seconded by Brenda Sonderegger.


The next Board meeting will be held June 15 at Adobe Bridge Club.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Compton, Acting Secretary