Date:  March 16, 2008

Time: 10:30 am

   Las Candelas Bridge Club


Board Members Present:  Julie Abrahams, Ken Badertscher, Betty Compton, Connie Freeman,  Jan Miller, Paul Moore, Bob Simrak, Brenda Sonderegger and Christie McDougall.

Absent:  Margaret Curvin, Prudy Cain.


I.  The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Connie Freeman.


II.  Reports of  Officers:

     1.  Minutes of February meeting were corrected as to the location of the meeting

          to be at Las Candelas.  Approved as corrected. 

     2.  Treasurer’s Report:  Approved as presented.

     3.  District 17 Rep: Connie reported that the trophies for new life masters, and medals

          will be presented at the May Unit Game, as well as winners of Ace of Clubs, and

          Mini McKinney. 

          Bob moved that we present awards in the future at March meetings when more

          winter players are here.  Passed.

          Connie reported that the ACBL had increased membership this year by

          983 members.  The ACBL reported an income of $ 1.5 million.

          All tournaments are up in attendance.  The proceeds from the sale of the

           site in Memphis will  go to the new site:  they are looking at Orlando,

          Dallas, Atlanta, and Memphis as possible replacements.

          Jerry Fleming will be running for ACBL President in 2009.

          There will be no increase in sanction fees  or dues.

          Awards for Knock-outs are based on strength of fields, and number of

          teams.  August STAC games will be Open Pairs or Swiss Teams. 

          Las Vegas bridge players are disgusted that Nationals will be there.

          Bidding boxes:  The District 17 rep is responsible for getting boxes and

          getting them to the right place. We pay $50 to have ours cleaned.

          The budget for our Regional in November was approved.

           Phoenix was given the October Regional in 2011.

           Connie reported that District 17  pays  $400 and Unit 356 pays $200  3 times per

            year for the representative for travel expenses to attend ACBL meetings.


            Connie reported that she will resign her position as District 17 Representative

            effective immediately.

            4.  Vice President’s Report: 

                 Connie announced that she was resigning her position as Vice President.

                 Julie Abrahams will serve as our Vice President, and Dick Augur will

                 replace Connie as a board member. 


      III. Reports of Committees:

            4.  Tournament Chair: Paul said the I/N final report is not complete yet.

                 He reported that we have a loss of $1236, being down 43 tables.

                 The room count was down due to the Las Vegas tournament the next


                 There is a lot of interest in the Regional in November…A number of

             Pros will be here, and Paul will increase the rooms available.


         5.  Education:  Ken had available hand-outs on Minor Suit Raises for



   IV.  Unfinished Business:

          Julie reported that the cost of Brochures for the I/N Tournament was $500.

          She presented a proposal that consisted of the Unit purchasing a printer and

          pay for the cost of ink and paper to decrease the cost of printing now. 

          It was moved and seconded that we table the printer proposal until we get

          a report from Paul on his cost proposal.  Passed. 


          Ken apologized for the Adobe for announcing their games at the previous

          Unit game. It was noted that there were fliers at the I/N tournament for Adobe

          lessons.  It was noted that Julie is free to print fliers for any club in our Unit

          to promote bridge.


         Brenda reported that she has the extra bridge gifts at her house and would

         Try to inventory it so we know what we actually have available. 


         Motion to Adjourn at 11:45 am. 


         The next meeting will be April 20th at Las Candelas.


         Respectfully submitted,


         Jan Miller, Secretary