ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING, June 14, 2008

Adobe Bridge Club

10:30 am


The meeting was called to order by President Prudy Cain at 10:30 am.  Members in attendance were Prudy Cain, Julie Abrahams, Marge Curvin, Brenda Sonderegger, Bob Simrak, and Paul Moore.  A quorum was present. Also attending were Gene McDougall, District 17 representative and Christie McDougall, treasurer of Unit 356.

The first order of business was to hold an official election to fill the seat of Connie Freeman who resigned in April, 2008.  Christie McDougall and Mary Maxwell were nominated. It was moved by Brenda Sonderegger and seconded by Paul Moore that the nominations be closed. All board members were given ballots. Julie Abrahams and Brenda Sonderegger counted the ballots.  Christie McDougall was duly elected to fill Connie Freeman’s seat. Christie was seated and served as a board member for the rest of the meeting.

Secretary: Minutes: The minutes from the previous meeting were approved with no corrections or additions.

Treasurer: Christie handed out the treasurers report.  There were no questions and it was approved.

Vice President report: Julie has had questions concerning the start times for the 2 session Unit game on July 13. Julie will put a clarification in the Kibitzer indicating the continental breakfast will start about 8:15 am and the game will start at 9:00 am.

District 17 Representative: Paul, Bob, and Gene met to determine who would be responsible for various jobs at the November Regional. 

Registration: Prudy Cain and Julie Abrahams

Partnership: Betty Compton and Jeannie Alexander

I/N: Marge Curvin and Brenda Sonderegger

Speakers: Jodie.  There was a discussion about having a formal budget amount for speakers. Paul will research the minutes to see if this was done last year. 

Setup and tear down: Bob Simrak

Caddies: Brenda Sonderegger

Daily Bulletin: Gene and Christie McDougall

Julie is ordering stickers:

Tournament Chair: Paul is getting a list of restaurants near the Holiday Inn.  He indicated that the motel would provide transportation to those within a 5 mile limit of the motel.  He is also trying to get the last of the tournament dates for 2010 approved by the district and get signed contracts for them.  He also brought up the idea of having a Sectional in September, 2010.  The only good date would be Labor Day weekend.  It was decided that he would see if that time frame would be approved by the district and if yes, we would have the Sectional and if not, we wouldn’t try for other dates in September and would just not hold a Fall Sectional.

Club Manager: The planning for the 2 session Unit game is complete.  Steve Reynolds is doing the hospitality. 

Hospitality: Steve Reynolds will not do the hospitality for Unit Games after the 2 session Unit Game. It was decided that each board member would take a turn at providing the hospitality for a month.  All the members in attendance signed up for a month. 

Publicity: Marge Curvin is still working on getting an article about “Bridge in Tucson” into some of the local papers.  She would like to be able to place some ads in these papers.  She is also working on getting bridge into the “things to do in Tucson” parts of these papers.  She is being given permission to spend up to $100 for ads.

I/N: Marge has a flyer for the 2 session Unit Game for I/N players.  She has been talking the I/N game up to players.

New Business: Don O'Bryan of Las Candelas gave a presentation of a questionnaire given to all the members of Las Candelas.  Two issues that came up are pertinent to Unit Games as well as club games, slow play and cell phone calls. It was moved by Brenda Sonderegger and seconded by Paul Moore that these items be tabled until the next meeting.  Motion passed.

Next meeting is 10:30 am, August 3 at Adobe Bridge Club.

It was moved by Paul Moore and seconded by Bob Simrak that the meeting be adjourned. The motion passed.


Brenda Sonderegger, Acting Secretary.