ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING, August 3, 2008

Unit 356 Board of Director’s  Meeting

August 3, 2008

Adobe Bridge Club


Meeting was called to order by President Prudy Cain at 10:30 AM.

Present: Prudence Cain, Bob Simrak, Betty Compton, Julie Abrahams, Ken Badertscher, Brenda Sondregger, Marge Curvin, Christie McDougall, Jan Miller

District 17 Representative: Gene McDougall

Tournament Chairperson: Barry Abrahams

Minutes of the June meeting were presented and accepted by Julie Abrahams, seconded by Bob Simrak.

1.Report of Officers:

Vice President’s Report: Gifts for November Regional were shown.  Mug, neck purse, tote bag with pencil and papoose.

Julie pointed out that there were numerous changes that needed to be made to the Regional Flyer. Julie displayed two versions: a small size for $210.00 for 700 copies, or larger size for $280.00 for the same amount of flyers.

A motion was made by Bob Simrak, seconded by Marge Curvin to approve the larger flyer. Brenda Sondregger asked if there was a difference in the quality of the paper…The motion was accepted.

Julie handed out the changes in job assignments, work schedule for Unit games and tournaments, 2009 Calendar of events.

Treasurer’s Report: June report was presented by Christie McDougall, accepted by Brenda Sondregger,

seconded by Julie Abrahams.

July  report was presented by Christie McDougall, accepted by Brenda Sondregger, seconded by Julie Abrahams.

District 17 Representative’s Report: There has not been a meeting, consequently no report at this time.

2.Report of Committee Chairpersons :

As per Unit 356 By-Laws, Barry Abrahams was appointed Tournament Chair after a Board of Directors telephone vote taken by Prudy Cain.

A motion was made by Marge Curvin to appoint Barry Abrahams to the Board of Directors. The motion was seconded by Bob Simrak and accepted.

Tournament Chair: Barry has been talking to all ACBL/District 17 representatives…. Going over financials….Break even point for September Sectional is 300 tables… Some discussion to cut back on coffee and tea at tournaments….One suite will be needed for Directors instead of two……Unit 356 has applied for a sectional over Labor Day Weekend 2010…..2008/2009 contracts have been signed with the Holiday Inn.

Club Manager: Bob Simrak has been reviewing the By-laws and forwarded changes to Board members. No action will be taken until October.

Hospitality:  It was decided that no more than $100 will be spent at unit games for refreshments. If you can’t take your turn for clean up detail, get someone to cover you.

Membership:  2009 Telephone Directory should be ready by the end of the year. Exploring the possibility of having email addresses listed.

Education: Ken Badertscher will give a class on October 19 at the pro-am Swiss Team event and on December 14 at the unit game.

Publicity: Working on an article” Celebrity Bridge In Tucson”.

I/N Representative: Marge Curvin showed a picture of the  I/N gift for the Regional Tournament. There will also be name tags provided. There were 8 299’r tables at the 2 session game.

New Business: Jan Miller submitted her letter of resignation from the Board of Directors and Secretary.

Betty Compton nominated Marge Curvin to the Board of Directors, seconded by Julie Abrahams, motion was accepted. Betty Compton than nominated Marge Curvin to the vacated Secretary position, seconded by Julie Abrahams, the motion was accepted.

Prudence Cain, Ken Badertscher, Barry Abrahams and Marge Curvin will be up for re-election

Next Meeting:  September 7

Meeting was adjourned at 12:15