MEMBERS PRESENT:  Joanne Aiken, Ken Baderstscher, Prudence Cain, Connie Freeman, Christie McDougall, Jan Miller, Paul Moore, Barbara Rosenthal, and Bob Simrak. 

ABSENT:  Julie Abrahams


I.  The meeting was called to order by President Prudy Cain at Las Candelas Bridge Club at 10:30 am.

II.  Reports of Officiers: 

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved.

  2. Treasurer’s report:  Christie reported that it is too early in the month for the bank statement.  The checking  account balance shows a loss of $5074.90 due to paying Holiday Inn for the February I/N tournament costs.  Motion to approve report passed.

  3. Vice President’s Report:  Connie Freeman

Connie reported that there is a District 17 meeting in Denver in May. Scheduling of sectionals must be one year in advance, and regionals 3 Years in advance.

III.  Reports of Committees

       Tournament Chair: Paul

Paul reported that the April Sectional was down 14 tables at $36 per table from last year.  The bill from Holiday  Inn has not been received yet, but Paul expects a loss of $1700-$1800.  A $2.00 additional cost for each meal was assessed.  Connie mentioned that many people played in Chandler and did not choose to play in both tournaments and that could account for the loss in numbers.

A discussion of profit/loss of tournaments followed.  If we are losing on tournaments then raising of entry fees was discussed.  Other factors include cost of meals, coffee, and director and caddy fees.

Bob Simrak will be in charge of the Unit Appreciation game on July 15.  It will be a two session game and include lunch at Holiday Inn.  After a lengthy discussion it was moved, seconded and passed that we charge $44 per pair.  With 88 tables andmeal cost of $3600 and $150 for coffee, we will have a estimated loss of $900 which was decided  as acceptable.

Our hosting the October Regionals needs sign-ups for helpers now. Rita Smith will be in charge of Partnerships.  Jodi Walker will invite a speaker. Bob Simrak will collect tables from Adobe, and Las Candelas and take them to Holiday Inn on Monday.  Jan will help with set up and find an additional 6 to 8 helpers.  Bob announced that the trailer will be moved to Mary Maxwell’s property and can be there without charge.  Barbara  will be in charge of registration with assistance from Connie and Ken. Paul said the cost of the playing space will be $17,000.  In addition we will pay for coffee and meals on Sunday bringing the expected cost to $20,000. The expected  number of tables is 1500.  NAOP finals on Friday and Saturday will pay separately.

Connie suggested that we need a subcommittee to work with Paul on tournaments.  It will make decisions before the board meets and report to the board for approval.  This should save meeting time.  A motion was made to accept this subcommittee and it was approved. Joanne, Christie and Ken will serve on this committee.

    Club Manager:  Bob …no report

Education:  Ken said he will schedule lessons at the end of the year.  The lessons will be included in the Pro/Am Swiss Teams in October and November.

Publicity:  Barbara stated the she has sent news items to local papers and is looking  for ways to interest the papers in printing bridge related stories.

 IV.  Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business

 V.   New Business

Fran Gordon sent a card regarding the death of her husband, Bernie, thanking the Unit for their support to her.  Bob Simrak reported there will be a game at Adobe in Bernie’s honor with donations for the cancer fund.

Our next meeting is June 3rd at Adobe.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:50

Respectfully Submitted,


Jan Miller, Secretary