ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING   June 3, 2007

Members Present:  Julie Abrahams, Jo Ann Aiken, Prudence Cain, Connie Freeman, Christie McDougall, Jan Miller, Barbara Rosenthal, Bob Simrak.

I.  Call to Order:  Prudy called the meeting to order at Adobe Bridge Club at 10:30.

II.  Reports of Officers:

1.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

2.  Treasurerís Report:  Christie reported that the Holiday Inn bill is not in yet, but will be between $4,000 and $6,000.  Bridge supplies amount to $704.  The reimburse- for membership of $827 covers expenses such as the Kibitzer. The Checking balance is $15,847 and Savings balance is $24,097.  The motion to accept the treasurerís report was made and passed. 

3.  Vice Presidentís Report: Connie just returned from the regional trip to Denver with many positive ideas to share with us.  It hosted 2000+  Tables. The Daylight Pairs instead of Senior Pairs was set up so anyone could play.  It is no- restricted and more masters points can be earned than in senior pairs. It is Daylight because the sessions are at 10 and 3 in a separate room.  Treats were handed out by caddies at each session.

The NAP winners will now receive a flat rate of $700 and second place $300.

There are now Duplicated Boards and coded cards that will be used in October. The District will pay for the coded cards. 

The STAC games comprised of 8 districts with 15,000 players. Bob noted that smaller numbers in clubs participating can win.

Jerry Fleming says we need sanctions for tournaments 3 years in advance. We need the sanction for any type of tournament prior to a contract whether or not we have a contract. Christie moved that tournament sanctions must be made 3 years in advance of the tournament.  Motion passed.

Starting in January 2008, the additional one dollar entry fee will be split 50-50 between District and Unit.

Connie noted that we pay GNT entry fees.  Christie will write checks to the  players who need to be reimbursed.

GNT will be Las Vegas in March 2008. Qualifier games will start September 1 and end February 15.  Jo Ann will keep track of games and calendar.  

For the October, 2007 Regional there will be a cocktail party at Abrahams on Thursday night, and we will ask Katie Collinson for the hospitality.  It will include Board  members only. Friday night: District and Unit cocktail buffet will include all speakers. Saturday night:  Sharon Fairchild will take folks out to dinner such as Winners of Novice games. 

            Prudy announced that she and Christie are going to help Paul.

 III  Reports of Committes:

  1. Tournament Chair:  PaulÖabsent

  2. Club Manager:  Bob no report

  3. Hospitality:  no report

  4. Membership:  no report

  1. Education:  no report

  1. Publicity:  We need more flyers for October tournament.  Barbara will be in charge of 2008 elections and choose 4 other people to assist. 

  1. Novice Representative:  Julie needs a flyer for the I/N tournament in November. Connie will check with Paul about who makes this flyer.

New Business: 

It was moved, seconded and passed that we adopt a new web site for Unit 356.

It was moved, seconded and passed that we allocate $70  to pay for the new site.

It was moved, seconded and passed that we name the new site

Barry will send by e-mail the recommended contents that will be included in the new site.  The unit will establish one web site whenever the other expires.

The next meeting will be August 5th at Las Candelas.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.

      Respectfully submitted,  Jan Miller, Secretary.