Members Present:  Julie Abrahams, Barry Abrahams, Jo Ann Aiken, Ken Badertscher,  Prudence Cain, Connie Freeman, Christie McDougall, Jan Miller, Paul Moore, Barbara Rosenthal and Bob Simrak. 

I.  Call to Order: Prudy called the meeting to order at Adobe Bridge Club at 10:33.

II.  Reports of Officers

  1. Minutes of previous meeting: Paul corrected the $10,000 loss included in the previous treasurer’s report to clarify that it was more than table purchases, and included costs of Unit games, Directory costs, Swiss Teams, and GNT. Paul also corrected the Sanction by USBF for the District 17 Regional Nov. 2008.

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Christie.  Christy reported our income for January of $14,958.91 with expenses of  $4996.57 for a cash flow of $9,962.34.  She noted that the Holiday Inn cost for the January Tournament of  approximately $7,000 isn’t in  at this time. Moved and seconded to accept the report.  Passed.

  3. Vice President:  Connie,  no report.

  4. District 17 Representative: Connie. Connie just returned from Albuquerque for the District 17 meeting.  Tournament fees will be increased as of April 1st.    Jerry Fleming will be coming to Tucson this month.  There will be an ACBL credential committee so players can change bases. District 17 Representative will not change in numbers. There will be an ad in the December District 17 paper about Tucson’s Regionals in 2008. Gary is pleased with District 17’s turnout. Continuity is important. The October Regional: The Tucson budget was approved.  NAP  and District 17’s is here. There will be a dinner at the Wall of China on Thursday evening, Feb 22 at 7:00 to host Jerry Fleming along with the I/N Tournament. Directors will be invited. 

III.  Reports of Committees.

Rules of Order:  Ken.  Ken will be in charge of rules of order for our meetings.  He will investigate the concept of “open meeting”, as to the conditions that govern if a non board member can be a voice at our meetings and how. 

Tournament Chair:  Paul.  Paul said there had been complaints about the candy and lack of chocolate. It was decided that distributing chocolate would be done at the I/N tournament. Rooms for the Feb tournament are 111 up to this date. Connie said that Paul needs a back up person due to his health. Paul Read us a Help Wanted Flyer that  asks for someone he can train. The flyer will go into the next Kibitzer. Julie will act as a back up now.  Paul reported that the January Sectional had 427 tables, the largest number that  the unit has ever had.  It is because players know what to expect  when choosing to  attend, and they return.

Club Manager: Bob S.  no report.

Jo Ann will chair Hospitality and serve as a liaison to see that whoever is responsible for hospitality is made aware of the expectation as to when and where.

Membership:  Thanks to Gene McDougall for his service and time in publishing the new Tucson Unit 356 Directory.  Barry Abrahams will replace Gene.

Education:  Ken.  April:  Presentation for C players will be Conventions they should have, and being a Good Partner.

Publicity: Barbara.  The I/N Tournament will receive some publicity on Tuesday.

Novice Representative:  Julie, no report

IV.  Unfinished Business: none

V.  New Business:  Need volunteer willing to do work on the web site.  Barry and Paul will work on it.

The stratifying of where the numbers break in points was asked by some non-life master players as to why the lower range is 0-299 and not 0-199.  t is determined that the larger category better.

Pro Am Swiss Team Game at 1:00 at Las Candelas on February 18th.

VI.  Next Meeting will be April 1st at Adobe Bridge Club.  March 4th meeting is cancelled

VII.  Adjournment at 12:00.

Respectfully Submitted,


Jan Miller, Secretary