September 9, 2007

In Attendance:  Julie Abrahams, Prudi Cain, Ken Badertscher, Paul Moore, Christie McDougall, JoAnn Aiken, Bob Simrak

I.                   Call to Order

II.                Reports of Officers

a.       Minutes of Previous Meeting:  approved as written

b.      Treasurer’s Report – approved as written

c.       Vice President and D17 report – no report


III.             Reports of Committees

a.       Tournament Chair

                                                              i.      Hospitality Meeting for Tournament – working from room rental contract figure - $3500 under budget at this point                     Coffee and hot tea everyday, evening session variety of foods  - fruit tray, pizza, veggie trays, lunch on Sunday – hamburgers and hot dogs with tossed salad and ice tea, vending snack bar will be set up by the hotel

                                                            ii.      Speakers in Theater – Jodi has list and details about speaker

                                                          iii.      Projection based upon Room pickup and previous tournament attendance – up 38 room night from last regional at this time, Saturday room nights are up so we may have better attendance later in the week

                                                          iv.      Jo Ann brought up the idea of an addition of Fast Pairs on Sunday as an alternative to Swiss Teams – schedule determined by D17 and will need to be brought up at that level

                                                            v.      Set up on Monday – 170 card tables, time TBA – announcement will be put in kibitzer, checking Walmart and Kmart for card tables to purchase

                                                          vi.      February IN tournament flyers distributed for clubs

                                                        vii.      Welcome Letter – for people staying at hotel and possibly for registration

                                                      viii.      January Sectional at Inn Suites, possibly also the April Sectional

                                                          ix.      Blast went out from ACBL by email for the October Regional – District 14 – 23 – calls and emails coming from out of town for partnership and tournament details

                                                            x.      Tournament Committee Meeting – September 21st – 4:30 pm – Adobe

                                                          xi.      Question about Raise in tournament cost – approved motion for $10 fees for sectional starting in January 2008 (not including IN tournaments)

b.      Hospitality – Steve is the new chairperson and will either do the food or make arrangements for the food at unit events

c.       Membership – directory will not be posted to the website, 9 new members from recent membership drive in Sierra Vista

d.      Education - Director refresher class – Kay Afdahl – primarily for directors in the unit – director appreciation day – lunch with course, materials from course from ACBL – ppt format – reviews handling objections, interpretations of rules, how to smooth over situations and enforce rules, ACBL score program and features, no test for the course, 6 hour program, $20 per person approx cost, certificate of completion from ACBL,  approved motion for course with cost of the course and lunch to be covered by the unit at a date to be arranged based upon club and instructor schedule

e.       Publicity – no report

f.       IN Representative – complaints about number of boards at IN game – last IN game was a limited number of boards – 18 – 21 boards because of sit out, set up section for additional boards at unit game – minimum of 21 boards at unit game


IV.             Unfinished Business


V.                New Business


VI.             Next meeting October 21 at Las Candelas – Annual Meeting – Election Slate


VII.          Adjournment