ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING, October, 2007

             ACBL UNIT 356

             Meeting Minutes


             Date:  October 21, 2007

             Time: 10:30 am

             Location: Las Candelas


             Board Members Present: Julie Abrahams, Joanne Aiken, Ken Badertscher,

             Prudence Cain,  Christie McDougall, Jan Miller, Barbara Rosenthal and Bob


             Absent: Connie Freeman


             I.  Meeting was called to order by President, Prudy Cain.


             II. Reports of Officiers:

                 1. Minutes of prior meeting were read and approved.

                 2.  Treasuerís report:

                      Christie reported that GNT game is a break even.

                      There may still be outstanding bills for the regional tournament.

                      Included in our expenses are costs for unite wide hand records,

                      Sectional advertisements and mailing and hospitality for unit games.

                      The closing checking account balance of $ 2,924.96 is $1040 less than

                      the opening checking account balance.

                      The treasurerís report was approved.


                      Christie moved and it was seconded and passed that we receive a

                      Cumulative accounting for tournaments that go back 5 years and is a

                      Rolling report done by the tournament chairman at the January meeting.

                      The report should include a summary income, expenses, miscellaneous.


                 3.  Vice President:

                      In Connieís absence she submitted a report from ACBL that it has sold

                      their building in Memphis and is looking for a new one.They are expecting

                      a profit of $950,000.  A National Board member has alerted the

                      Department of Labor that our tournament directors may be deserving

                      of overtime pay.  This would be reflected in costs of tournaments. 

                      ACBLís response was that we the start of the work week be changed for


                      Phoenix reports no luck in finding a place for the future October

                       Tournaments.  They are looking this week and if unsuccessful they have

                       to give up the idea of changing to October.


                III.  Reports of Committees:

                       Prudy reported thanks to all members for their effort at the Regionals.

                       JoAnn noted that there were many positive signs that it was a happy

                       Tournament.  Thanks to Christieís Party!!!!

                     4.  Tournament Chair:  Paul

                          Paul noted that we were down 66.5 tables from 3 years ago.

                          The NAP tables gives us a $600 reimbursement.

                          Paul was quoted a cost of $18,000 from the hotel, and the actual

                          bill was $14,433.  The 750 rooms cost was $7,899.53.

                          So far the profit looks like $10,400.

                          It was suggested that we hire people to do some of the jobs that

                          Christie and Gene did.  We will discuss that later.

                    5.   Club Manager:  Bob

                          Bob reported that the Unit Wide Championship is next Friday,

                          Oct. 26th.  Gene is working on hand records.

                    6.   Hospitality:  no report

                    7.   Membership:  no report

                    8.   Education:  Ken

                          Ken recommends that we reimburse Jodi for the items that she included

                          to each speaker in appreciation of their time and efflort.  The speakers

                          response was that is was a good facility and good hand-outs!!!

                   9 .   Publicity:  Barbara reported that the Green Valley News published the

                          only information about the Regionals.

                   10.  I/N Representative:  Julie

                          Julie is working on the 299íer Sectional.  She noted that people are

                          not signing up for the Pro/Am on Friday evening. It will continue to

                          be announced at the local clubs to encourage sign-ups.


             IV.        Unfinished Business:  none


             V.         New Business:

                         1.  Barbara reported that 40 people are needed for a class to be taught

                              using the new procedure for emergency in place of CPR.


                         2.  Prudy informed us that there is a new club in our Unit that

                              has applied for a sanction called Dude Ranch Bridge. Dick

                              Augur will be in charge of the club.

                              A motion was made to let DRB use the units tables in

                              Exchange for storing the tables and transporting the

                              tables in the trailer to tournament sites.

                              Ken moved that we table this motion until we have the proposal

                              in writing at the next board meeting.


                          3. It was brought up that we think about purchasing the dealing

                              board machines.   Bob proposes that Adobe Bridge Club buys

                              the machine and rents it out to other clubs.  The cost of the

                              Australian machine is $5,000.  Bob and Ken will investigate

                              this and report back next month. 

               VI.     The next meeting is November 11th at Adobe at 10:30 am.

               VII.     Meeting was adjourned at 11:45.


                Respectfully Submitted

                Jan Miller, Secretary