ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING, November, 2007




Date: November 10, 2007

Time:  10:30 am

Location:  Adobe Bridge Club




Board Members Present:  Julie Abrahams, Joanne Aiken, Prudence Cain, Connie Freeman, Jan Miller, Barbara Rosenthal and Bob Simrak.

Absent:  Ken Badertscher, Christie McDougall.


I.  Meeting was called to order by President, Prudy Cain.


II.  Reports of Officiers:

     1.  Minutes of previous meeting.  Paul corrected the room cost to state the rebate on

          the rooms to be $7899.53.  Minutes were approved as corrected. 

     2.  Treasurer’s report:  Christie was absent.

     3.  Vice President’s report: no report


III.  Reports of Committees:

      4.  Tournament Chair: Paul

            Paul reported the profit from our regional tournament is $10,588.15. This is

            an increase of $900 over 3 years ago, and we were down 66 tables.

            District 17 reimburses us $750, we spent $ 611.66.

            Bob moved that we accept the report by Paul,  seconded and passed.

            Paul reported that there is a bill coming from the hotel for about $50.  We lost

            $441.49 on the I/N tournament, and were down by 8.5 tables which reflects

             half of the loss. 

             Audrey Grant is not a done deal for next year since she only commits 7 months

             in advance.  We will attempt to know by March 2008.

             It was acknowledged that we need a partnership person by January.


      5.  Club Manager:  Bob, no report

      6.  Hospitality:  Steve Reynolds is preparing the food for the unit game today.

      7.  Membership:  Barry  reported that people who responded to his questionnaire

           about the Directory  felt every other year was adequate for publishing. A motion

           was made and passed that we publish the directory every other year.

      8.  Education: Ken  no report

      9.  Publicity: Barbara, new fliers are ordered for the January tournament.

      10.  Novice Representative:  Julie feels that we need to hire someone to set

             up and tear down for tournaments. Connie moved and it was seconded and

             passed that we hire two people at $100 to set up and tear down for tournaments.



      IV  Unfinished Business:  Dick Augur will not store the trailer, it will remain at

          Mary Maxwells property.

          Connie made a motion that we pay $25 to the person transporting the trailer.  It

          was seconded and passed.


         V.  New Business:

               The opening of the White Stallion Bridge Club was discussed.  The sanction

               for this club has been applied for and it will hold games on Sunday’s

               for $15.00 which would include lunch.

               Connie feels that any club should be able to host a unit game.  It was decided

                to table this discussion until it is sanctioned.


                The Unit Party Dec. 9th at Adobe will have members bring food. Connie

                felt we should have the main entrée catered.


                Steve Reynolds has arranged to have the two session unit game held

                at Pima Community College on July 30, 2008. We will have the food

                catered, and make sure that the chairs are comfortable also.


                Pro Am Swiss is next Sunday, November 17th.


                The meeting was adjourned at 11:40.


                The next meeting is December 9, 2007 at Adobe.


                Respectfully submitted,


                Jan Miller,  Secretary