ACBL UNIT 356 BOARD MEETING  January 7, 2007


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Julie Abrahams, Joanne Aiken, Ken Badertscher, Prudence Cain,  Connie Freeman, Christie McDougall, Jan Miller, Paul Moore,  Barbara Rosenthal, and Bob Simrak. 

Guests:  Francine Deutsch, Gene McDougall


I.  The meeting was called to order by President, Prudence Cain at Adobe Bridge Club,  at 10:30 am.  Prudy announced the results of the election for the board.  The five candidates elected include:  Joanne Aiken, Ken Badertscher, Prudence Cain, Paul Moore, and Jan Miller.  Joanne is an appointee for Leslie Durkee, who resigned, and the appointment is for one year when she will be up for re-election.  Julie is I/N representative,  and will write the Kibitzer.  The new slate of officers was accepted as follows:  President:  Prudence Cain, Vice President, Connie Freeman, Secretary, Jan Miller, Treasurer, Christie McDougall. The motion was moved and seconded that this slate be accepted.  Passed. 

Prudy asked that each of the board members sign up for 5 jobs that need to be done with respect to Unit games and at Tournaments.  She passed around a sign up sheet for members to indicate when and what they choose to do.  It is hoped that this will help events run more smoothly with all board members assisting.  If unable to fulfill your commitment, you must find a replacement. 

 II. Reports of Officiers:

  1. Minutes were approved as submitted.

  2. Christie gave a report for November, December and Year –end.  The November report shows an income for the I/N tournament with costs for Unit game, Kibitzer,   I/N, with a checking balance of $7,211.78. Less activity in December with a loss of $289.96 due to Unit Game costs, Kibitzer, and  special game costs. Year end report shows a loss of $10,000 due to cost of purchasing tables, Unit games, Swiss Teams, GNT and the Unit 356 Directory.

  3. Vice President Connie Freeman:  Pro Am Swiss Teams is February 18th.  The place  for the Unit game in December, 2007 needs to be changed to Adobe, and Connie will make a change in the master copy.

  4. District 17  representative:  no report

 III.  Reports of Committees:

  1. Tournament Chair: Paul noted the fee increase at tournaments to $9.  USBF  has agreed that District 17, Unit 356 can use their sanction. We agree to pay $2 per table to USBF for this sanction. Jo Ann Aiken will be a back up for Paul at tournaments.    

  2. Club Manager: Bob Simrak.  The July 2 session game will be Bob’s job.  We need new caddy masters.  Christie, Gene, Jodi and Julie volunteered.

  3. Education:  Ken will offer lessons at Unit Games for C players.

  4. Membership:  Gene indicated that he is not able to continue. Barry Abrahams will be in charge of membership.

  5. Publicity:  Barbara showed us a copy of a news letter she had submitted to local papers about our coming tournament.  It has been published in the Green Valley News, and hopefully will be accepted by Tucson News. 

  6. Kibitzer:  Julie.  There was a letter from Las Candelas requesting we add a page to include more results in the Kibitzer.  Discussion followed as to the purpose of the monthly Kibitzer. It was felt that the intent was to draw more interest in local bridge, provide information about Unit Games and tournaments, new rankings of members, memorandums, and new players. The boards decision was to not add a page, but to limit each club to  ¾ page and that Julie is free to change it.

No new business: 

Motion to adjourn at 11:55.  Next meeting on February 11th at Adobe at 10:30 am.              

Respectfully submitted,            

Jan Miller, Secretary