Unit 356 Southern Arizona Bridge

Morning Member Appreciation Game December 9 at Hotel Tucson

If you are playing both sessions, please sign up in the morning and the afternoon.

Click Edit on a table, write your names in NS or EW column, then click update, cancel if you would like to change your choice.
To remove your entry after an update click edit remove your names and click update.
NS for medical reasons only

TableNorth - SouthPrefEast - WestPref 
1Tommie Wilson - Sylvia Reed   Edit
2Sue Boyle - Mary Dorsey Barbie Corbett and Mindy Hawkins Edit
3Margaret Glenn - Carole Parent Stephanie Marsden - Marlys Johansen Edit
4  Gene Hendricks - Marilyn Hendricks (e/w request) Edit
5Darwin-Kay Afdahl Franz Schatz-Fran Herrmann Edit
6Jack Wholey - Joe Olivier Swanson. Bakshani Edit
7Jud Jones and Nancy Holt Sandra Prechtel and Andrew Kyriamcon Edit
8Tim Tilton and Karen Balch (Requested N/S) Rosenthal and Abrahams Edit
9  Kathy Ball and Patti Starr Edit
10Adair Karlin and Joan Merrill (Requested N/S) Marc Hay and Paul Soper Edit
11G. and T. Terrill (requested N/S) Randi Berkson and Monica Quinlan Edit
12Carol Pilmar and Lois Jameson Betsy O'Dell and Ann Shaylor Edit
13Jo Ann Aiken and Marian Wilson Barb Feeley and Joy Rieckers Edit
14Dave Douglass and C. Collinson Cam Mette & Leonard Hall Edit
15Sarah Baumann and Stephen Pozez Eric and Mary Schulz Edit