Unit 356 Southern Arizona Bridge

Unit Game Sunday September 16 at Adobe

Click Edit on a table, write your names in NS or EW column, then click update, cancel if you want to change your choice.
To remove your entry after an update click edit remove your names and click update.
Pref has 3 values for NS: S (specific), R (required), P (Preferred) and 2 values for EW: R and P.
S and R should only be used for medical reasons. Leave Pref blank if you do not care.

TableNorth - SouthPrefEast - WestPref 
1    Edit
2Mike Cuno - Ann HingeSFranz Schatz-Fran Herrmann Edit
3Mindy Hawkins - Cindy Shoemaker Tommie Wilson - Sylvia Reed Edit
4Monica Quinlan - Randi Berkson   Edit
5Fay Kallina-Ann Kuperberg   Edit
6Chakmakian’s. N/s. Table 7   Edit
7Linda Grissom & Virginia Brier   Edit
8Sharon OConnor & Jim JohnsonR  Edit
9Mary Dorsey & Sue BoyleP  Edit
10Mann & LeachP  Edit
11    Edit
12Greg West and George Good   Edit
13    Edit
14    Edit
15    Edit